About Cloverland

Cloverland Dairy is located in Baltimore City, Maryland, where we provide over 300 jobs for local residents.

Our products can be found in hospitals, private and public schools, institutions, convenience stores and supermarkets throughout the Mid Atlantic area.

Restaurants, airports, and hotels know that our products are wholesome and delicious – and their clientele agree!

For more than a century, Cloverland has been synonymous with wholesome, delicious milk and other quality products. We are proud to be a member of our community and support local businesses and organizations.

This commerical for Cloverland has become a classic part of our history – and features puppets designed and operated by muppets creator Jim Henson!

Cloverland History

Cloverland Farms Dairy started in Baltimore, Maryland in 1919. Our Monroe Street location was where our horse and wagon teams left every morning, delivering the city's finest dairy products.

In 1932 Greenspring Dairy was founded, and over the years Cloverland and Greenspring became the two major milk producers in the Baltimore/Washington market.

In 1995 after years of competition, Cloverland Dairy acquired Greenspring Dairy to form Cloverland Greenspring Dairy.

Over the years those horses and wagons were replaced by a modern motorized fleet that enabled customers throughout the state to enjoy our growing line of products.

During the 1960s, home delivery grew at a rapid pace, and the Cloverland Farms jingle: "If you don't own a cow call Cloverland Now" became so popular, that many Baltimore natives can recall this song today.

Today, Cloverland operates a "State of the Art" Facility in Baltimore – and our line of products has grown from milk to teas and juices. Regardless of what our customers purchase, they know that the Cloverland name signifies the very best.